10/21/2017 Let's Go Searchin'!


As we promised, we went looking for Blues, Bass and Bait today.  Friends Ross and Dave were with us along with Mate Doug.

Little Egg Inlet was flat as a lake and we were off around 7:30 a.m. today.  After several reports offshore of Garden State South late yesterday, we headed there to survey offshore of that artificial reef.

Little Egg Inlet had lots of activity on the fish finder.  I mean LOTS!  But we wanted to check out a few locations further out.  So we headed to Garden State South and then worked east of that position to try to cover the area checked and reported on by the Barnegat Light boats yesterday.  The activity on the fishfinder went to ZERO!

There was a fair amount of fish popping on the surface, many small bunker but not in large pods, a few poppers with some size, but none ended up on a hook.  We did spot a large Leatherback Turtle and a half dozen Ocean Sunfish.  A couple of fins that were likely smaller sharks also were spotted.  None were zooming around.  It was a lazy day on the Ocean!

We were fishing deep with the aid of a Penn Downrigger with a Z-Wing replacing the downrigger lead ball, that Z-Wing comes in two varieties and is a wonderful tool, and various sizes of Planers.  The Z-Wing website is Z-Wing DeepDownRigger!  The baits were mostly Ocean Model Flatfish of various sizes along with Clark Spoons and Tony Acetta Pet Spoons.  The Flatfish had their treble hooks replaced with Single Replacement Hooks.  The Flatfish had very attractive wide wiggling action in the water.  We will be conducting trials with various FlatFish models through the Fall and again into the Fluke Season next year.

Finally, one line went down and we landed a very strange fish.  It was nice and shiny, blue-silver in color with a gold line down the middle of its side.  None of us had ever seen such a fish.  Not huge, about 1-1/2 pounds with grey, silver, blue and gold coloring.  This cute little fish hit a Tony Acetta Pet Spoon.  I would have hit that Tony Acetta Pet Spoon too!

Cleaned, Mate Doug did a very nice filet and skin job, this fish sort of looks like an Atlantic Bonita.  No red meat.  Has firm grey meat that should cook up nice and white.  The Fish Book on the web says this is a Banded Rudderfish, a type of Jack, that is, reportably, VERY good eating.  Yeah, dinnertime!  Too bad we didn't catch more of these.  Will report on dinner.  The Fish Book website is at http://www.theoutdoorlodge.com/fishing/species/jacks.html

The reference says the Banded Rudderfish is excellent table fare.  I can personally say that my fillet, pan broiled with browned onions, was excellent Saturday night for dinner.

On the way in, Little Egg Inlet had even more activity on the bottom than it had in the morning.  I really MEAN MORE!  Many spikes on the fishfinder were Bait and Fish over 10' thick.  Watch that area for the next few days.

Don't forget, Sea Bass are back in season.  Anglers are allowed 15 fish per person per day.

I believe that the Striper Season will pop open here shortly.  When it does, if you do not have dates booked to go Striper Fishing, you may not be able to find available dates that fit your schedule.  Think about that.  You may wish to book a couple of dates just to have them under your control.  If we have availablity, we can change dates if different dates would work better for you at that time.

There were Stripers caught in the surf on LBI over the weekend and boats caught Stripers up off Island Beach State Park up to Lavalette.  




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