Another Remains of a Hurricane Moving Through!



I'm starting to lose track of the named storms lately.  They get south of us off Hatteras, stall, and the move really slowly north or northeast.  We had one get in range yesterday that caused some high surf and high tides that lasted into today.  It took extra lines on the boat to make sure she was safe.  The surfers had a couple of fun days.  The fishermen, not so much but the ocean settled down well today.

The seas are supposed to stay lumpy through Friday but should be decent on Saturday.

We have a charter on Saturday, a Full-Day Inshore Charter, so we will have the time to move around and find interesting critters to tug on.

The winds are forecast to be from the NNW on Saturday so Long Beach Island will block those winds out to about 3 miles offshore.  The swells are forecast to come from the SSE but will have a long period.

From what we have found, whatever fish are there to be sought are deep and close to the bottom.  There are large bait pods showing on the fish finder but many of those pods have not had gamefish chopping at them.  Stainless Drone and Clark Spoons and Pony Tails should be the baits for Saturday in those conditions.  We will be using downriggers and planers too.

We wil probably need to work way north on Saturday.  The Croakers, Porgies, Blues, Albies and Bonitas have all moved north this week.  Many are now north of Belmar.  That's why we carry 456 gallons of diesel.  The fish can move but they can't get totally out of range as long as the charter party booked enough time.


Capt. Lindsay Fuller


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