The crew of June Bug wants to make your charter fishing trip 

as enjoyable, fun, convenient, safe and comfortable 

as we possibly can. 


However, no matter what type of sport fish you are fishing 

for (Tuna, Marlin, Dolphin/Mahi Mahi, Fluke, Bluefish, 

or Sea Bass), you will need certain essentials 

to help ensure your safety and comfort.  


The length of your trip is an important consideration when 

you pack for your June Bug charter. 

PLEASE do not bring more than you need!

Our storage space is limited. 


To help meet your personal needs during the trip, 

here are some things you need to bring:  

Lunch, snacks, beverages, cooler, sunscreens, insect repellant, 

sunglasses, camera, and film or tapes, light foul weather gear, 

and seasonal clothing. Remember that the temperature of the 

water where we will be fishing generally controls the 

air temperature. The air temperature out on the ocean 

may be a good deal cooler than the air temperatures on land. 

Please do NOT bring any beverages in glass containers.

Glass containers may break and cause safety issues. If you

bring glass containers, you will be asked to return such 

containers to your vehicle before the start of the trip. That may 

leave you short on beverages or whatever was in the

glass container(s).  


Motion sickness medicine can be inexpensive insurance 

to make sure you have a good fishing trip. If you decide to take 

motion sickness medication, we strongly recommend that you 

start taking the medication the night before your trip. 

Consult with your physician.  


Also, bring a three (3) days' supply of all of your 

medications just in case of emergency. 


The June Bug crew will limit quantities of beer 

brought on board to two six-packs of beer 

per beer drinker. 

No liquor is permitted aboard. 

No Drugs, Other Illegal Substances, Explosives 

and/or weapons of any kind are permitted aboard. 

If any of these materials are discovered, the 

charter will immediately terminate and return 

to port with no refunds. 

The authorities will be notified enroute. 

Please be considerate with the amount of gear that 

you bring. There is limited storage on board June Bug and 

most of that is used to store fishing tackle. 

A moderate sized duffle should be your limit. 

Your coolers may be used to haul your gear, food, 

and beverages to the boat. We will then store your 

belongings in storage compartments and your 

food and beverages will be placed in the galley 

refrigerator and in coolers that will be on the boat. 

2' or 3' Hoagies will not fit in the refrigerator so 

please plan ahead on the size and quantity of your 

food and food containers. 


After transferring your food and beverages into the 

onboard spaces, you may then return your own coolers 

to your vehicle to await your return. 


June Bug will provide all the bait, tackle, and ice that 

will be needed during your charter. You may bring your 

favorite rod, if you wish, as long as it is in good condition 

with fresh line matched to the game fish you are seeking and 

you have cleared the use of your own tackle with the Captain 

prior to your trip.


June Bug carries as much as 500 pounds of ice to insure 

that your catch is in the best condition possible when it 

hits the dock.


You will hopefully need a large cooler to take your catch home. 

The June Bug Crew strongly recommends 1 to 2 pounds of 

ice for each pound of fillets for your trip home unless 

you are staying on Long Beach Island. 


You may have any leftover ice on June Bug at the end of 

your trip to transport your fish home. This will assure 

that your catch will arrive at its destination in 

excellent condition for your dining preparation 

and enjoyment. 


The Mate is available to clean and bag your catch. If you

request that the Mate professionally clean, skin, fillet, steak,

ice and bag your catch, please make sure that you include

an extra amount in the Mate’s tip to cover his time, effort, 

and skill in properly cleaning and preparing your catch 

for travel. 


Contact us at:

June Bug Sportfishing Charters

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