Whenever you invite friends and family to come charter fishing 

or cruising on June Bug for the day, a weekend or an extended 

cruise, you should explain to them in advance what is 

expected of them, especially if they are not experienced 

fishers or cruisers.


  • Please inform your guests well in advance of your charter trip to make sure that each guest will be wearing a good pair of non-skid shoes preferably with light colored soles. Sneakers will do just fine. No one should wear shoes on board that have leather soles!

  • Remind your guests that the Captain is in command and the June Bug Crew is in charge of safety and operation of the vessel. We are also your entertainment directors. Your guests are on board to relax and to have a good time!

  • Make sure your guests know that your times of departure are based on tide, current, weather conditions and time to make the next destination. You should explain that they should be onboard, have gear stowed and be ready to leave before the departure time you have set. Set the time the boat is willing to wait if they are late. Usually June Bug will wait 30 minutes for late guests but will wait longer based on advice from the person who booked the charter. The waiting time comes out of your trip time. Delays can result in weather changes, inability to make the next destination on a reasonable schedule, etc.

  • While the Captain will provide safety information prior to leaving the dock, it is always a good idea to familiarize friends and family with boating safety tips and emergency procedures before even arriving aboard June Bug. Guests should bring 3-full days of medications for each day of the scheduled trip. Explain that fueling procedures, docking and undocking plans, etc. are fully handled by the June Bug Crew not by guests.


The Captain will provide a complete safety instruction prior to leaving the dock. 

The boat is equipped with an Emergency Manual in the odd case that ALL crewmembers 

become incapacitated including how to operate the radio, engines, contact the Coast Guard, etc.


  • If your charter trip includes fishing, the June Bug Crew will provide instruction on how to use the fishing tackle and how to catch fish. The June Bug Crew is very skilled at teaching and helping guests to catch fish but whether guests actually catch fish or not is a function of how well the guests apply the crew’s lessons along with some luck.


  • The June Bug Crew will entertain any questions that your guests or you may have. The June Bug Crew Members are all very patient especially with children. No question is a “dumb question.” If you don’t know the answer, ask a crewmember the question. 

Fishing & Cruising with Kids 

Recreational family fishing, cruising & boating is a great way to spend time with your children. There are many tasks that can be assigned to youngsters to teach responsibility and being out in nature provides endless lessons for the young fisher and boater. The June Bug Crew is very likely to ask the children aboard during your charter to get involved in some of the activities on board. Most children enjoy this very much. The June Bug Crew loves to teach them the skills needed in fishing and cruising. Therefore, if youngsters are going to be joining you on board June Bug, there are a few features to at least consider when choosing a quality charter boat. Check the section on this June Bug website that discusses "How To Choose A Charter Boat." 

I Love To Fish With My Sis!

i love fishing

I Love To Fish With My Bro!


  • When fishing, cruising or boating with youngsters, consider chartering or buying boats that have a substantial cabin. Runabouts, bow riders and deck boats, as much fun as they look, even some center-console fishing boats that are sometimes equipped with a small cuddy cabin, are seldom sufficient to shelter kids from the sun, store your gear where it will not get soaked, provide privacy to use the bathroom (assuming a bathroom is actually available), etc. Smaller boats can also give a very bouncy ride forcing everyone to stand up during their trip. That gets tiring before long.

  • When chartering, choose a boat that has an heated and air-conditioned cabin large enough to offer a comfortable place to kids if they need a nap or are getting too much sun, to store your gear, or for anyone in your party to have privacy in the enclosed bathroom.

  • If you have the opportunity to inspect the charter boat prior to chartering, make sure that the equipment on the boat is neatly stowed and that the boat does not have a mess of rusty hooks and other gear lying around in the cabin or elsewhere in the boat that may endanger your children.

  • Remember that ALL children under Age 13 are REQUIRED by the U. S. Coast Guard to wear Personal Flotation Devices (life jackets or PFDs) while on board any vessel including June Bug. While June Bug has lifejackets sized for children, many children like to wear their own. If you have USCG Approved life jackets for your children, feel free to bring them along. 


If children under Age 13 will be in your charter party, make certain that you inform June Bug’s Captain by phone at 609-685-2839 well in advance of your charter date to tell him that under Age 13 children will be in your party. June Bug does have access to a limited quantity of “water-ski” type Coast Guard approved life vests that children accept better than the large, orange, puffy Type One jackets for children that June Bug is required to have on board.


If you want to get your own good life jackets for your children, buy a good U.S. Coast Guard Approved lifejacket or life vest with a collar that turns a child face up in the water. It must have strong waist and crotch straps, a handle on the collar to help life the wearer out of the water if necessary, good reflective tape, and preferably be a bright yellow or orange color for good visibility. Do NOT tear off the tag that shows the jacket is Coast Guard Approved! If the tag is missing, the June Bug crew will not accept that jacket as being Coast Guard Approved. 


  • While June Bug’s life jackets all have Safety Whistles attached, on your child's personal life jackets, we recommend that you attach a plastic marine safety whistle to the lifejacket and teach the child how to use the whistle, and have the child practice using it. Marine whistles cost less than $5 at most boat stores.
  • You should also consider a watertight battery powered light or strobe on each personal life jacket if you plan to use the jackets at night. 


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