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Charter Fishing Boat Policies, Terms & Conditions 

We do everything in our power for you to have a great time on your June Bug deep-sea fishing excursion, but we do have some rules. Some are general rules for your safety and others protect our boat, our equipment, and our crews. June Bug charters all operate under our complete Terms and Conditions of Your Charter. The following is a brief review of that agreement. You will receive a copy of the complete Terms & Conditions of the Charter along with your Charter Confirmation once you book your June Bug charter trip.  


1. The Charter operates under the authority of the Captain. The Captain has the authority to terminate the Charter in the event of unacceptable conduct by the Charter party.  

2. The boat is licensed to accept up to six (6) people in your party plus the crew. Children are welcome but count against the charter party limit. There are NO exceptions to this U.S. Coast Guard rule. Please do not ask the crew to violate the law.  

3. No illegal substances or firearms are permitted on board. Discovery of the presence and/or use of illegal substances and/or firearms will immediately terminate the Charter without refund and the vessel will return to port with the authorities being notified enroute.  

4. When you reserve a charter date, it is your Charter Date if the Captain determines that the date is fishable. It is your responsibility to arrange your party unless otherwise agreed in writing.  

5. If you request that the owner, Captain, or crew assist in finding additional members for your Charter party, there are no guarantees or responsibilities associated with that assistance. You should be aware that in the event that the June Bug Crew finds additional party members on short notice, those people are not likely to agree to pay their full share of the Charter fare. Additional charter party members picked up on short notice feel that they are doing you a favor. You are responsible for the balance of the agreed Charter price. 

6. The balance of the base charter price is due in cash on the dock prior to June Bug leaving the dock. Any fuel surcharge is payable upon return to the dock at the end of the trip. 

7. Please be aware it is customary to pay a generous tip to the Mate. While the boat’s owner pays the mate(s) a small salary per diem, tips for the Mate are customary. For good service, it is recommended that the Mate(s) be tipped 15% of the total Charter price. For superior service, the tip for the Mate(s) should be 20% or more of the total Charter price. 

8. Fish cleaning may be arranged with the Mate(s).  

9. A cancellation called by the Captain due to weather or mechanical problems will create a deposit credited toward another Charter date. A trip terminated by the Captain due to the weather once fishing has commenced will not be entitled to a credit or a refund if the Charter party agreed to leave the dock. A trip terminated due to member(s) of the Charter party getting seasick will not be entitled to a refund or credit if the Charter party agreed to leave the dock. A trip canceled at least four (4) weeks in advance by the charter party will create a credit of the paid deposit to a deposit on a charter trip on another date as determined by the charter party and the Captain. If the replacement date cannot be determined during the same year, the credit will carry forward into the next year.  If the Charter Party cancels the charter within two (2) weeks of the date booked, a credit will be available ONLY if the date can be rebooked.

10. The Charter includes proper use of our properly insured and outfitted charter boat, the Captain and mate, all tackle, bait, and ice for the type and length of Charter trip contracted. The boat has clean, enclosed toilet facilities.  

11. The Charter does NOT include food, beverages, or misuse of the boat or equipment.  

12. The Charter party is responsible for loss of or damage to equipment belonging to the boat that must be replaced in kind or by paying for replacement(s) as determined by the Captain. The Charter party is also responsible for damage to the boat. Paying careful attention to directions from the crew will minimize chance of loss or damage to the boat and equipment and/or injury to a member of our crew or your Charter party. The crew will provide a familiarization tour prior to leaving the dock. Normal wear and tear is excepted from this condition. Clogging the boat’s head (toilet) is NOT normal wear and tear. Charter party members are NOT permitted in the cabin if they are seasick. Fresh air is far better than lying down in an enclosed space. If a member of your party has a tendency to get seasick, discuss the matter with the Captain prior to your reserved Charter date. “Bonine” is a good product for this syndrome but the medication must be started the night before your trip.  

13. Members of the Charter party are not permitted on the tuna tower without the express consent of the Captain. Members of your party are never permitted under Coast Guard rules in the engine room, on the bow or side decks while at sea, or to use any of the boat’s radios or other electronic equipment.  

14. The crew is always willing to teach members of the charter party how to rig tackle and baits as well as to explain why we do the things that we do. The crew will always explain the operation of the various pieces of equipment on the boat. All you have to do is ask.  

15. There are NO guarantees concerning how many or what type of fish you and your party will catch. We do guarantee that the equipment is in proper repair and that our professional crew will do everything in its power to give you and your party a wonderful deep-sea ocean fishing experience. The sport is called “Fishing” not “Catching”. There are days when we catch more fish than other days and there are many conditions that govern catching success. Not in the least of those conditions are the abilities of the anglers in your party. Listening and following suggestions and directions from the crew will increase the likelihood of catching fish especially after fish have been hooked. It is possible that your charter date might not produce many keeper fish. If your Mate(s) work hard to try everything they know to attract strikes/fish, they have earned their tip. Please base your treatment of our Mate(s) on their performance and work ethic and not how many fish you take home.  

16. Bringing your own tackle on your Charter is generally not suggested. The boat is fully equipped and the crew knows how to use our equipment. Our equipment is heavily maintained and we change line at the slightest sign of wear. If you wish to bring and use your own equipment, it must be agreed to by the Captain prior to your reserved Charter date.  

17. The owner, crew, and our insurance company prohibit liquor and any beverages in glass bottles on board the boat. Beer will be limited to not more than two (2) six packs per person who drinks beer for full day or overnight trips. In the event that members of your Charter party become intoxicated to the point that the crew determines that they create a hazard to themselves or others, the Charter will be immediately terminated without refund and the boat will return to port.  

18. You should be aware that the crew would expect that your food would be placed in the refrigerator in the cabin. Your beverages will be placed in the drink cooler on board. Where possible, the crew requests that you put your coolers back in your vehicle after loading your supplies on the boat in order to keep the cockpit free of obstacles.  

19. The balance of your Charter price over and above your deposit is due and payable, at the latest, on the dock prior to leaving on your trip.  

20. No trash, garbage, or other materials are to be thrown overboard into the ocean water. This includes cigarette butts.  

21. The crew will review emergency procedures on the boat prior to leaving the dock.  

22. The crew expects you to be on time for your trip.  

23. The Captain will call you prior to your trip to discuss recent catches, catch locations, the weather forecast, sea conditions, etc.  

24. Neither “June Bug” nor its crew hold permits to sell fish.  

25. Smoking is only permitted on board June Bug in the aft (back) end of the fishing cockpit. Smoking is NOT permitted on the bridge, the bridge steps, up on the tuna tower, or in the cabin. The crew requests that you respect others if you must smoke. The crew requires their sense of smell when fishing so the crew retains the right to request “No Smoking” periods. Burn marks on our teak and elsewhere are your responsibility.  

26. Children are welcome aboard. The crew takes great pleasure in teaching children what we do and how we do it. Parents are required to supervise their children at all times.  

27. Children under age 13 are required by Coast Guard regulations to wear personal flotation devices, life jackets, when on board. The June Bug Crew will remind children in your party regarding this regulation. Please assist in making sure that children covered by this Coast Guard regulation comply. You may bring a suitable U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket for your child as long as it has the Coast Guard Approved label attached. If a child refuses to wear their life jacket, the charter will be terminated without refund and June Bug will return to the dock.  

28. Your charter is subject to a fuel surcharge if marine diesel fuel price at the fuel dock on the day of your charter exceeds $2.50 per gallon. June Bug's fuel usage meters will show the gallons used on your charter. The surcharge is the cost in excess of $2.50 per gallon multiplied by the number of gallons used as shown on June Bug's fuel usage meters. 

It is the job of the June Bug Crew to provide a pleasant, deep sea fishing experience. The June Bug Crew will do anything within reason to make sure that you and your party have fun on your charter excursion. If you have questions, please feel free to ask any crewmember. 


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