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Beach Haven, New Jersey Fishing Charters – 

Summer Months – Late May Through October 

June Bug will reserve your saltwater fishing charter 

sailing out of Beach Haven, Long Beach Island, 

New Jersey during the Summer months each year. 

The following are the seasons for each type of 

sport fish, with additional information provided 

by IGFA Certified Charter Capt. Lindsay Fuller. 



A variety of different Billfish are usually available from June through October with some of the best fishing occurring in June, July, and August. Weather after Labor Day generally gets iffy and charter parties have to book their trips with an eye toward date and time flexibility. Blue Marlin (even "Granders") are always a possibility, especially around late July and the full moon in August.

June Bug tagged and released 2 Blue Marlin that measured at 1,000 pounds or better in late July, 2001 in 30 to 40 fathoms of water. White Marlin fishing peaks in July and August. We use 50# to 80# tackle for White Marlin and Blue Marlin due to the presence of large Yellowfin, Bluefin and Big Eye Tuna. June Bug does not take Billfish for mounts. Replica mounts are available from the Captain. If you are interested in a mount, be sure to let us know so that we can try to get accurate measurements of your trophy.


Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin Tuna are available year round assuming the weather is cooperative with better catches occurring June through November. This period produces excellent catches and the weather is still very mild.

Beginning June 1999, National Marine Fisheries Service imposed a catch limit of 3 Yellowfin per person, as well as a 27" fork length limit. Our fleet has for years had a self-imposed limit of 18 tuna, assuming 6 anglers, and the federal limit will just help insure that everyone abides by the rules.

Big Eye Tuna

The Big Eye Tuna, Thunnus Obesus, is an important food fish and prized recreational game fish.Big Eyes hunt in wolf packs and seldom swim alone. The largest Big Eyes caught in New Jersey can exceed 300 pounds.


Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin action begins in May and continues through early October in certain areas. Most fish are school-sized fish but many are Mediums that can range to 300 pounds. Most of the fish are brought to the boat within 15 or 20 minutes and are released unharmed. The fish are so aggressive they take the bait so close to the boat that you'll get wet from the strike splash. National Marine Fisheries Service places strict restrictions on the catch of Bluefin Tuna. These rules literally change from day to day.

Dolphin / Mahi-Mahi

Mahi Mahi begin to show up as early as June, some years, and continue through October. Middle Season action in July and August produces outstanding light tackle action with "gaffers" weighing 10 to 20 pounds or more. Most of the summer action occurs on weedlines and around floating debris, along current edges and tidelines. On good days, we can literally fill the fishbox with these beautiful tasty creatures.



Wahoo show up off New Jersey in late July and remain until October. This fastest fish in the sea loves to bite subsurface baits. They are generally found in small pods. If you catch one, there is at least one more there watching the action. Raising the trolling speed sometimes helps catch Wahoo. Wahoo are outstanding toeat and the meat keeps well.


False Albacore (Little Tunny)

False Albacore, also known as Little Tunny or Fat Alberts, occur in large schools and weigh up to 35 pounds. False Albacore are the smallest member of the tuna Scombridae family, and is one of the finest small game-fish in the Atlantic especially when anglers use light tackle. While the eating quality of this fish is poor food for people, the red, strong tasting meat is a favorite of Capt. Lindsay's Labrador Retriever.


Atlantic Bonita

Atlantic Bonita can be found in quantity during the dog days of summer. They like warm water and require large quantities of bait to eat. These fine eating fish are speedsters who bite best when we use small spoons and feathers. They are great fare on lighter tackle. Atlantic Bonita are Capt. Lindsay's favorite. If you catch plenty, giving Capt. Lindsay a couple to take home is always appreciated.



Bluefish are abundant from May through November. They are generally caught by trolling, chumming, and by jigging. Most Bluefish during the summer are “Slammers” that exceed 15 pounds. We ask that our parties limit their retained catch only to those Bluefish they wish to eat as fresh fare. There are legal catch limits for Bluefish.

Bluefish are known as “Choppers” for good reason. They are eating machines who do not know when to quit. Many times we find Bluefish schools by finding flocks of certain sea birds diving and picking at the ocean surface.

Bluefish are known to eat until the are gorged, then disgorge what they ate and fill up again. What the Bluefish throw up floats to the surface where the birds pick the pieces and eat them. In the ocean, nothing goes to waste.

However, when there is fish oil on the surface from the disgorged fish, there is a distinctive smell, somewhat like cantaloupe melon, that tells June Bug’s crew that hungry Bluefish are right there. That is why we discourage smoking on the boat since the crew needs our full sense of smell to help find the fish



Fluke, or summer flounder, have a rapidly increasing population. The Fluke stocks have rebounded nicely in recent years. Fluke fishing is especially good for groups and families with children and are abundant from June to November. Most Fluke are caught by using bottom-fishing methods and can range in size from 2 pounds to over 10 pounds. There are legal catch and size limits and seasons for Fluke.

Catch and release ratios have improved substantially. Where some years ago, our parties would have to throw back 9 out of 10 Fluke caught, the ratio has improved to about 1 throwback to one keeper.

Sea Bass

Sea Bass are available practically year-round in New Jersey. They move into shallower water in May and remain through October. The population of Sea Bass off New Jersey has exploded. Your June Bug crew will find attractive bottom structure that is holding fish and simple bottom-fishing methods will catch many large Sea Bass. Sea Bass have a white, fine meat that is excellent eating.

There are legal catch and size limits and seasons for Sea Bass.


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